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Blog Posts

February 20, 2020

Boost your sales with the Countdown Widget!

Countdowns are a powerfull tool that can drastically increase your sales.
February 18, 2020

Booster Addons Update 1.1 is here !

Booster Addons 1.1 update is here!
February 4, 2020

5 Tips for creating better landing pages

Landing pages are very important to any website. Here are 5 tips for creating better landing pages.
February 2, 2020

Advanced Heading, Not your average Text Heading!

Headings are very important to any web page. The advanced heading offers multiple unique text styles to cover your needs.
January 29, 2020

Demo importer, Create modern websites in minutes

A short guide on how to use the demo importer for a fast web page deployment.
January 24, 2020

Static Template, a reusable block for Elementor

The static template is a powerful widget that aims to enhance the elementor page building process through reusability.
January 23, 2020

Lightbox Gallery, a powerful widget for Photographers.

The Lightbox Gallery is powerful tool for photographers and content creators that heavily rely on images.
January 22, 2020

Why did we create our own Icons Manager?

Some of the reasons what made us create an icons manager in our Elementor Booster Addons plugin.
January 21, 2020

Top 5 free Booster Addons widgets

A list of our favorite booster addons widgets.