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5 Tips for creating better Word Press landing pages

Landing pages are a crucial asset for any product marketing over the web.So what is a landing page?

Well, lets check the definition from Wikipedia.

In online marketing, a landing page, sometimes known as a "lead capture page", "static page", or a "destination page", is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result, marketing promotion, marketing email, or an online advertisement.

From this very accurate explanation, we can understand that a landing page represents the gate from which all your visitors pass to access your other website pages and features. This also means that you should make sure that any marketing you do would direct the audience to this page. Now that we know exactly what are landing pages and how important they are, here are 5 tips to create better landing pages. 

1.Simplicity is key

If your landing page copy is too complex, it will most surely drive visitors away. 

You may not be an excellent writer or designer but that shouldn't bother you. Writing skills and web design are not the most important thing when it comes to creating landing pages. Simplicity matters above everything.

  • Headlines should not be too long or too vague. Choose words that would capture the readers.
  • Do not make excessive use of colors and utilize websites like to find matching colors.
  • Use CTAs (Call To Action) and make sure they stand out.
  • Images should be complementary and not draw too much attention from the text and CTAs.

2.Provide Numbers, Statistics, and Facts

Other than stating the key features and benefits of your products, make sure to add numbers and statistics as arguments to further solidify the selling points.

Another important thing is to give a 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee, or similar deals to ensure the satisfaction of the customer. We know that when it comes to buying, and especially over the web, people tend to be more careful, so giving guarantees is always appreciated.

3.Promote Social sharing

Encourage your visitors to share your content and offers over social medias but make sure to only include buttons for the social platforms your audience uses. Another good idea is to to add an email forwarding option, since people have different sharing preferences. Keep in mind that sharing can lead to unexpected large traffic exposure that would otherwise go to waste.

4.Use plugins and learn from them

The number of WordPress plugins is ever growing, and you can pretty much find a plugin for anything, including landing pages.If you want a fast way to build landing pages in WordPress, and you don’t care that much about optimizing code at the moment, then plugins are where you should go.

The reality is that there isn't much in terms of free landing pages plugins, but it can be very valuable to invest some money and learn from them in order to enhance your understanding of landing pages success criteria.

5.Testing and Google Analytics

The only way you can find out what kind of content works and converts better on your landing page is through continuous testing.

There are many kinds of A/B tests that you can apply to your landing page — changing the layout, the images placement and size, the flow, etc—but make sure you are not changing the design too frequently.

Another great way to further monitor your landing page is Google Analytics. Although this tool is very well know, most of the time it is underestimated and underused. Besides the popular metrics like Traffic Reporting and Third Party Referrals, you can create custom dashboards for targeted monitoring, use annotations to create notes for specific dates, and setup conversion goals, so  can see how well your site is converting in different locale.

In Conclusion

Landing pages are quiet challenging to master especially with all the different kind of audience, but as every other thing in life, the more your learn and practice, the better you will get.

Since I was child, I was always interested in computers and anything related to them. While growing up, I learned as much as I could before heading to university and studying computer science. Since then, I got hooked on the web technologies and the web in general, which made me love reading and writing about it.
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