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Boost your number of sales using countdowns!

Since our childhood, countdowns were always something to be excited about. Every new year, you could hear all the kids counting those last few seconds to midnight. This feeling can have a major influence on your sales if you know how to promote it.

To give you more power to drive conversions, we have created the Countdown widget for Elementor.

On what pages should you use this widget?

Here are some of the pages that you SHOULD be using this widget on.

  • Product purchase page when there is a sale going on.
  • A coming soon website page to attract visitors before launch.
  • A limited edition product page.
  • Upcoming events.
  • New updates or features going live.
  • One time offer for the season.

This is just a short list, and there are many many more scenarios where a countdown can be a game changer.

What are the options available in the countdown widget?

The countdown widget offers you all the tools to create the perfect countdown.


Choosing a date is really simple as you don't have to write down the date like in a traditional way. Instead, you can simply use the calendar and pick a date.

Different Styles

You can choose from multiple styles and different layouts. For example, if you want the digits and units on the same level or have them set up in two levels.

Custom labels and text

The countdown has labels for different time formats. You can change the text for the days, hours, minutes and seconds. This is pretty useful if you want to put a more attractive wording or simply use another language.

Typography and Style

You can change the font, text color, use gradients for the background, add shadows, everything can be customized.


This widget also offers the possibility to control the distance between the digits, labels, add inner space, and position the countdown according to your needs.

Willing to see more?

If you want to see more or fiddle with the options, you can head to Booster Addons and start working on your own countdown!

Here is the Demo page for more examples and you can take a look at the Documentation for the full options layout.

If you encounter any problem make sure to contact us using our WordPress support or Submit a Ticket.

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