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Booster Addons Update 1.3.1 is here !

Booster Addons newly released update 1.3.1 is up and running. This update comes with multiple bug fixes and a new free superb widget! The FullScreen Content Slider !

This widget has quickly risen up to become one of our overall favorite widgets along side Layered Images, LightBox Gallery, to name a few.

The FullScreen Content Slider consists of a large background image, text in the form of a heading, a sub-heading and a description, and last but not least, a thumbnail.
The switching from a slide to another is done with an awsome animation that can be customized.

Lets take a look at the demo page to see the widget in action.

This is only the first version of this widget and certainly not the last. We will add more options and give our users more tools to customize and control their content. We also value feedback and suggestions and they are always taken into consideration when we work on our products. Make sure to give us yours here!

Since I was child, I was always interested in computers and anything related to them. While growing up, I learned as much as I could before heading to university and studying computer science. Since then, I got hooked on the web technologies and the web in general, which made me love reading and writing about it.
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