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Booster Addons Update 1.4 is here !

Booster Addons newly released update 1.4 is up and running. This update comes with multiple bug fixes and much more!

Lets go through the main new additions available with this update, you can also read the full change log here.

New Widget : Creative Content Slider

Another amazing slider is added to the arsenal so you can have all the variety you need. This widget consists of a large background image, text in the form of a heading, a sub-heading and a thumbnail card with its own text and decoration.The widget uses awesome transitions to switch from a slide to another.

Make sure to take a look at our demo page to see it in action!

New Extension : Cross Domain Copy Paste

This extension is an important and crucial addition for any elementor users! The Cross Domain Copy Paste allows you to copy and elementor content from one website to another with just a few clicks!

Make sure to take a look at our video tutorial available in the demo page.

New Extension : Element Reveal Animation

Element Reveal is a fancy extension that can be used on any Elementor section, column or widget to create an awesome reveal animation. Furthermore, you can combine it with other tools like parallax or motions effects to create unique content!

Take a look at the extension in our demo page!

New Templates & Blocks : 14 Amazing pre-made templates and 60 blocks

This update also extends our templates library for a whooping 52 templates and over 140 blocks! We plan on furthermore increasing this number so we can give our users both the ability to quickly set up web page, and to showcase news ideas on how to use the Booster Addons widgets and extensions toolkit

You can check all our templates here!

If you want to see all the changes then head to our change log.

This is only one of the many updates coming up in the future!. We always aim to add new content but also improve the already existing great number of widgets, extensions, and features. We also value the feedback and suggestions of our customers and we make sure they are always taken into consideration when we work on our products. Make sure to give us yours here!

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