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Lightbox Gallery, a powerful widget for Photographers.

Anyone working in the photography or image editing industry knows how important a photos gallery is. This is the reason behind the making of the lightbox gallery widget. It allows you to list your images in a custom space and when the user clicks on an image, a gallery opens up with various options. Added to that, the ability to filter your images by your own custom themes makes this widget a great tool for images showcasing.

Image options

Each image can have a title, caption. and custom classes that can be used to setup the filters. On the styling side, you can choose from different image hover effects and enable a fully customizable overlay.

Grid Layout

The grid section is the defined space where your images will be listed. The options provided for the grid allow you to change the number of columns, enable and set a gutter value, and define a showing effect.


Filters can be used to sort your images by themes or subjects. Each filter will appear as a link in the top section of the grid. These links are fully customizable; text properties, alignement, borders, all these options and more are available to be changed.

Light Box

After the user clicks on an image available in the grid, the light box appears with the selected image displayed. This light box offers the following options:

  • A Full Screen button.
  • A Play/Pause button to play all the other available images in a sequence.
  • A Download button to download the selected image.
  • A Social share section to allow the user to promptly share the image over the popular social networks.
  • This light box can also be customized by changing the background and the other various elements color.

In Conclusion

Overall, the Lightbox Gallery is  certainly a great widget that provides multiple options to feature your images on your web pages.We always try to add new useful features to our widgets, so stay tuned for updates!

Since I was child, I was always interested in computers and anything related to them. While growing up, I learned as much as I could before heading to university and studying computer science. Since then, I got hooked on the web technologies and the web in general, which made me love reading and writing about it.
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