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What is Booster Addons?

Booster Addons is a wordpress plugin created to enhance the awesome Elementor page builder by bringing new features and creative widgets to the platform.


Let's begin with the features. Booster Addons provides three main features each with its own different value.

Widgets Manager

With every new awesome plugin that you add to your page building arsenal, comes risk of poor performance and slow page loading. The widgets manager gives you full control over which widgets are loaded by giving you the option to disable them using a sortable widgets list.

Icons Manager

Any WordPress developer that has been long enough in the industry must have one or multiple icons sets that he likes to use in different his various projects. The icons manager allows you to upload your own icons set and use it along the Booster Addons widgets.The only requirement is that your icons must be in an SVG format.Other than that, you only need to put them in a zip file and you are good to go.

Demo Importer

The demo importer allows you to import content from our every growing templates list directly into your website. This gives you the option to quickly setup a page by modifying the already made template content and design. You can also use it to copy some of the content from the templates to any other elementor page.

Creative Widgets

Booster Addons bring some creative widgets to the market. Altough we cannot cite them all in this post, here are some of our favorites.

Layered Images

This widget gives you the tools to animate an unlimited amount of images in one setup.This combined with your imagination, allows you to create content that no other website has.

Fancy Text

Fancy text widgets are not uncommon but we this widget is on this list because it has a wide range of typing animations and customization. We made this widget for our users to give them a great way to display their short texts or titles by giving some of the words, in the said text, a unique design and extra value.

You are 
 are amazing.

Perspective Card

The perspective card allows you to display content with a mixture of translation and rotation effects.Additionally to having full control over these effects, you can select a transition type and manage the transition speed.

In Conclusion

While this post covers some of the features and widgets that we offer, we want to be much more and improve our product quality as well as give our users more tools to express their design and creativity over the web.

Since I was child, I was always interested in computers and anything related to them. While growing up, I learned as much as I could before heading to university and studying computer science. Since then, I got hooked on the web technologies and the web in general, which made me love reading and writing about it.
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