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Why did we create our own Icons Manager?

Booster Addons offers an icons manager feature for free. But what are the reasons behind the creation of this feature?

The frequent use of icons over the web

Icons are one of the most used components in the current state of the web. They offer great versatility to content while taking very little space in pages. More than that, when a user sees, for example, a magnifier with a plus sign at the middle, he automatically understand that it means to zoom in. This kind of information that icons provide is also crucial to user experience and interfaces.


Photo by Harpal Singh on Unsplash

Icon sets

If you look for a keyword along side icon using google search engine or any other engine, you are very likely to find it in an icon set. Icon sets are simply icons grouped by the same theme or subject. We know that these sets are very important to Word Press users, as in such, we made it possible to upload your icons sets and use them directly in our widgets. To do so, you only need to make sure that your icons are in an SVG format and that they are grouped into a zip file.

Better icon management

Another reason why we decided to create the icons manager is that we want to give our users a clear space that makes it very easy to maintain their icons. Having the options to add, delete, and search through your icons is a formidable asset.

Our icons widgets

We have multiple widgets that use icons, and therefore, we tried to make the best icons customization controls. In almost all these widgets, you can change the icons size, color, background color, and background size. Note that the only requirement for the color change, is that the uploaded icon must be in black and white. This, combined with the icons manager, will allow you to both use your icons, and change their design according to the situation.

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In Conclusion

We made the icons manager a free feature because we believe its an absolute necessity to have in every content creation plugin. We put time and passion in everything we create, and we hope this feature will be useful tool for the Booster Addons users.

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